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When it comes to casino games, the first thing that comes to mind is always roulette. It’s one of the oldest games, dating back to the 17th century in France. In fact, the word roulette translates to “small wheel” in French. The game’s popularity has risen drastically over the years. The explanation for this is simple: it’s a fun game with simple gameplay. There are various distinct versions of the game available right now, as well as an online alternative. From the comfort of their own homes, players can enjoy computer-based games or even play with a live dealer.

We’ll go into the game’s history, how it got into every casino around the world and all you need to know to play it successfully in the sections below. We’ll also go over all of the regulations, as well as the various versions and the most popular roulette strategies. Continue reading to learn all of the crucial details about this casino game and how you may succeed as a casino player.


As noted previously, the first mention of roulette was in 1657 in France. A prominent mathematician, Blaise Pascal, was trying to design an infinite motion machine. His experiments resulted in the first “little wheel,” which is where the story begins. However, this just describes how the game’s wheel was created. The appearance of the game itself was never linked to a single person. There are various versions of the history of roulette, but none of them provides concrete evidence. The most well-known theory claims that the game was invented by a French monk. Another theory is that it was a monk, but that he was Dominican rather than French, and that he based the game on an old Tibetan game.

We can also say that the game originated in England based on the rules because it resembles old games like Roly Poly, Ace of Hearts, and so on. Nonetheless, we may be certain that the modern-day Roulette casino game originated in France towards the end of the nineteenth century. It’s interesting to note, though, that the earliest version of the wheel included zero and a double zero pocket. These pockets were originally red and black, however, they were later replaced with green to minimize confusion. For a long time, the double zero version was the most popular, until twins Francois and Louis Blanc came up with the concept of using a single zero wheel.

Roulette Variants

In the 19th century, the roulette variant with one zero was introduced to Germany and quickly became more popular than double-zero roulette. However, Germany temporarily banned the game, forcing the brothers to bring it to Monte Carlo. The single zero roulette wheel would become the most famous casino game in practically every casino throughout the world in the next years.

Other variants of the game got popular in different regions of the world after the game migrated to Monte Carlo, one of the world’s gambling capitals. The early American roulette variant, for example, contained numbers ranging from 1 to 36, the zero and double zero, and also an eagle. The eagle has been featured in many things as a symbol of American freedom, which is how it ended up in this casino game. With time, however, this variant fell out of fashion, and the French variant took its place. Both in North and South America, the double-zero variant is highly popular nowadays. The rest of the globe, on the other hand, is ruled by the European/French single-zero version.

Other variants exist, although the European/French and American forms are the most widely used. In the past, gamblers had to search for a casino that offered the variation they preferred. However, that is no longer the case because online casinos now provide all roulette variants. 

The game of roulette consists of a table and a roulette wheel. Depending on the variant you are playing the roulette wheel and table are different. The three most popular roulette variants are French Roulette, European Roulette and American Roulette.

European Roulette

The European roulette consists of a wheel with 37 pockets. There are 36 pockets for the numbers from 1-36, with half of the numbers labelled “red” and the other half “black.” The European wheel has an extra zero slot “0” that is marked green to distinguish it.

The numbers where you can place your bets are printed on a felt table that extends out from the wheel itself. The numbers are shown horizontally in a rectangle, with additional boxes on the bottom and right edges of the box where players can place bets on groups of numbers. The bets are classified as “outside” or “inside” bets, depending on whether they occur inside or outside the main box.

European Roulette Table

French Roulette

The roulette wheel is the same (with one “zero” spot) and the betting options are the same as in European roulette. The layout of the French Roulette table differs slightly from that of the European table, although it still has all of the same “outside bets”, but they’re placed differently. You can see the picture and compare both tables.

In reality, some players may believe that French Roulette is identical to European roulette. However, there are a few additional rules in French Roulette that distinguish it and affect the odds and payouts.

“La partage” is a rule originating from the French term partager, which means “to share.” This means that if you lose an “outside” bet because the ball falls on zero, you get half your money back. Since the “la partage” rule reduces the significance of the “zero” slot by half, the odds are slightly better for the player. When comparing French and European roulette, the French version has better odds for the gambler than the European version.

The second rule that the French roulette has as addition is known as the “en prison” rule. If you lose an “outside bet” because the ball lands on “zero,” you have the choice of receiving half of your wager back (following “la partage”) or making the same bet again. If you choose the second option, the dealer places a marking on your stake to indicate that it is locked in (or “in prison”).

French Roulette Table

American Roulette

In contrast to the European roulette wheel, which has 37 pockets, the American roulette wheel has 38. This is the primary distinction between these two variations. In addition to the single zero (0), American roulette has a double zero pocket (00). Both of these pockets are green, reducing the likelihood that the ball will land on the player’s chosen number.

The wheel is also different in American roulette, as the numbers are not in the same order. The table layout is similar to the European roulette, but with the addition of the double zero box.

American Roulette Table

How to Play Roulette?

The basic roulette principles are straightforward and can be learned pretty quickly. All you have to do is place a wager, spin the wheel, and hope for a winning combination. Simply follow these five steps to begin playing:

  • In your online casino, open the roulette game you want to play. You can choose some of the variations that are offered by the casino
  • Choose your stake and the bets youd like to wager on (below, you can learn about the types of bets available)
  • Spin the wheel
  • You either win or lose your bet depending on where the ball lands
  • Check your winnings in the right-hand table.

How to bet on roulette?

As we already mentioned the roulette table is divided into two sections, separating the inside bets and the outside bets. All numbers from 1 to 36, as well as the zero, are on the “inside” section. The zeroes are green, while half of the numbers are black and the other half are red. Outside bets, on the other hand, are those that you can make without specifying specific numbers like odd/even numbers, red/black, a group of 12 numbers, and so forth.

Inside bets

There are a number of inside bets available, but below you can read about the most common.

  • Straight Bet – This is the most basic wager in the game. You choose a number from the wheel and place a wager on it. You win 35 times your stake if the ball lands on your number.
  • Split Number – Bet on two numbers on the table that are next to each other. It makes no difference whether they are horizontally or vertically adjacent. You must place your chips on the shared line between two numbers to make this wager. If the ball lands on either of the numbers, the player wins 17 times their bet.
  • Street Bet – A street bet is one that is put on three numbers in the same row. 1;2;3 or 4;5;6 are two examples. To put this wager, the chips must be placed on the row’s outer line. This wager will return 11 times the stake.
  • Corner Bet – A corner bet is similar to a split wager, except instead of betting on two numbers, you can wager on four. Simply place your chips on the shared corner between four numbers to play this bet. The player wins 8 times the stake if the ball lands on one of the four numbers.
  • Line Bet – Similar to a street bet, except instead of choosing numbers from a single row, you make your bet on two adjacent rows. For instance, from 1-6 or 4-9. This bet pays out 5 times the stake.

Outside bets

Outside bets in roulette are those that are placed outside of the main table, which contains all of the numbers. There are just five categories of outside bets, thus there are fewer alternatives. These wagers carry a smaller risk of winning, but their winnings are lower.

  • Color Bet – This wager is as straightforward as it appears. You can choose to bet on red or black. Essentially, you can cover half of the numbers, except the zero, with one bet (or double zero). Since it’s the simplest bet to win, it can only double your stake.
  • Odd/Even – This wager, like the color bet, lets you cover half of the board’s numbers. You can choose an odd or even number, ensuring that all 18 numbers are covered. As a result, this form of bet also doubles your stake.
  • High/Low – This is another bet that is almost 50/50. The numbers 1 to 18 are low, whereas the numbers 19 to 36 are high. This wager, like the others before, doubles your stake.
  • Column Bet – On a live roulette table, the numbers are divided into three columns. Each column has 12 numbers in it. It pays 2x the stake because it is a riskier gamble than the others.
  • The dozens bet is the last but not least option. If we look at the name of the bet, we can see how it works very clearly. Choose from 1-12, 13-24, or 25-36. This bet pays 2x the stake, much like the column bet.

How to Win at Roulette?

Now that we’ve discussed how roulette works, let’s talk about some methods that will help you become a better player. An online casino where you may play roulette online is the ideal place to put the methods we’ll discuss to the test. It’s crucial to realize, however, that these methods are merely suggestions for how to win at the game. Because success is not guaranteed, casino players should take precautions and conduct thorough research prior to playing. There are numerous tactics available, but some have shown to be more effective than others. We can categorize them all into two groups:

  • Progressive Betting Strategies
  • Non-progressive Betting Strategies

Progressive betting refers to a style of betting in which the bet amount increases every time the player loses.  The Martingale system, one of the most well-known and extensively utilized roulette strategies, is an excellent example of a progressive strategy. The Martingale strategy requires you to double the bet after a loss. This method is well-known and simple to follow, therefore it can be used by anyone.

The second type of betting is non-progressive betting, which is distinct from the previous two types. Non-progressive betting strategies either encourage you to maintain your bet the same throughout the game or allow you to modify it whenever you want. The James Bond strategy is a lesser-known yet fascinating system. Ian Fleming created it, and it is the tactic that 007 constantly uses. This approach bets on more than half of the table, attempting to tilt the odds of the game in the player’s favour. Because of the house edge, this isn’t actually conceivable, but it’s still an intriguing casino roulette technique that can result in occasional winnings.


When you’ve learned everything there is to know about roulette and are ready to play, we’ll give you some pointers.

  • Decide whether you wish to win large amounts fewer times or smaller amounts more frequently.
  • Try online systems or your own approaches, even if there is no assurance of winning.
  • Find a casino that provides online roulette with a live dealer for a more immersive experience.
  • Usually, the greatest approach to have a good time at roulette is to follow your “gut instinct.”
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